Bird watching

There are a lot of amazing bird watching areas in Iceland. While travelling in Iceland during summer one can expect to se around 70 species of birds. The best time to travel is May, June and July where then there is almost 24 hours daylight so birdwatcher can bird around the clock. Here are a few of great bird watching areas.

Berg/Árbót hostel in the northeast of Iceland are almost in the middle of bird watching paradise. Nowhere in the world can you find as many different species of ducks as in Aðaldalur in the summertime.

Kópasker hostel in Kópasker town is located by the coast of Öxarfjörður which is one of the main bird watching sites in the Northeast of Iceland.

Ytra-Lón Hostel boasts of various wild bird life. The serenity of the area attracts different species of birds. The cliff nesting species, the common guillemot, black-legged kittiwake and fulmar nest in the cliffs of Skoruvíkurbjarg.

Húsey Hostel is a nature paradise located between two glacial rivers, Jökusá á Brú and Lagarfljót. Like Ytra-Lón its isolated location makes it an excellent bird watching area. Every year about 30 different species nest there.

Vestmannaeyjar is known for its birdlife around the islands, especially the puffin who nests there during the summer months and makes up one of the largest puffin colony in the world with approximately 1.1 million puffin pairs.

The Breiðafjörður bay area, close to Grundarfjörður hostel, is a lively and varied bird watching area. The closeness to the sea makes it easier to get close to the birds and the possibility of taking a boat tour to get closer is also at hand.

Látrabjarg is another amazing bird watching area and is fairly close to our Bíldudalur hostel, which also boast of varied bird life.

Broddanes by Broddanes hostel is a bird watching paradise. Puffins, eider ducks, black fuillemots, ringed plovers skuas, fulmars and other feathered friends are common in the area.

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