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Vatnsnes, Húnaþing Vestra
GPS: 65° 35,941'N, 20° 38,972'W

Tel:  (+354) 862-2778

HI Quality Management System, Level light. Hostel Osar

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Watch seals in their natural habitant or take a short walk to the amazing Hvítserkur, a rock which some say resembles a prehistoric dinosaur 


Osar is located on the Vatnsnes Peninsula, 25 km north of road no. 1. In the recent years the hostel has been completely renovated.Ósar ocean beach is full of life. Seals abound and also eider ducks and other birds, and the rock Hvítserkur, which resembles a prehistoric Dinosaur, is within walking distance from the Hostel.

The unspoiled nature, peaceful environment and a variety of recreation opportunities make Ósar an ideal stop in an Iceland tour. In only about 5 min walk you are in unusually close contact with nature. Here guests can see a number of different birds and one of Iceland´s biggest colonies of seals , swimming only a few meters from the beach. 

A superb place for nature lovers

Opening times:

Opening times (daily/weekly):    08:00 to 22:00
Opening times (over the year):    May 1st - October 1st

Nearest hostels:

Sæberg 53 km (ca. 40 min) - Broddanes 138 km (ca. 1 hour 40 min) - Akureyri 205 km (ca. 2 hours 30 min) - Siglufjörður 202 km (ca. 2 hours 20 min) - Dalvík 229 km (ca. 2 hours 40 min)


Distance from Reykjavík:

228 km (ca. 2 hours 45 min)

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Daily buses from Reykjavík along main road.
At or near hostel
Ósar Hostel is located in north Iceland. From the main road you take road no 711 to reach the Hostel.

Interesting rock formations

Hvítserkur is 15 meters high cliff and protrudes out of the sea. The sea erosion has carved holes through its foundations and sculptured it in the unique shape it is today. Some say it is in the shape of a petrified monster

Borgarvirki is a natural fortress, somewhat fortified by the people in the area in the past, and is situated on top of a 177 m high hill between Lake Vesturhop and the Vididalur Valley. The fortress has 10-15 m high natural ramparts with a 5-6 m deep depression in the middle. The man made part with the main entrance was reconstructed in 1949-1950.

Birds and seals

5 minutes away from Ósar hostel, tourists have a unique opportunity to watch both harbour seals (Phoca vitulina) and grey seals (Halichoerus grypus) in their natural habitats, although the harbour seals are more common. There's also great birdlife around Ósar hostel so the nature lovers should be in for a treat.

Activities at sea

Sealwatching is a company based in Hvammstangi, the closest town to Ósar hostel. They offer sealwatching tours in Húnaflói, sea angling tours and midnight cruises.

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