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Bíldudalur      graen farfuglaheimili

Hafnarbraut 2
GPS: 65° 41,115'N, 23° 35,964'W
Tel: (+354) 456-2100 / 860-2100 

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Watch the harbor life from your hostel window or take a drive to Reykjafjörður where you can find a hot nature bath and a swimming pool out in wild nature 


Bíldudalur hostel, near Arnarfjörður, is one of the HI network of hostels in Iceland. The hostel is well situated south, on the West fjords with around 200 inhabitants. All basic services are available in the town, such as little shop, café during the summertime, a post office and a bank. The hostel is perfectly located by the harbour where guests can watch the fishing boats sail in the fjord.

The hostel has a good kitchen with all kinds of equipments for cooking and outside on the balcony you can find a barbecue. Then there is a comfortable living room with television, exchange-bookshelf and wireless internet free of charge. If you do not have your laptop with you there is a computer in the hostel living room which you can use, also free of charge.

There are about 90 km from the hostel to Látrabjarg where the biggest bird cliffs in the world can be found and also the most Western point of Europe. The magnificent waterfall Dynjandi is about 50 km away from town. If the weather is grey or you just want to relax after a good day you can go to the hot tub and sauna at the gym or drive to Reykjafjörður where you can find a hot nature bath and a swimming pool out in the wild nature.

Green hostel logo but Bíldudalur Hostel is a Green HostelHIQ logo but Bíldudalur Hostel is a HIQ certificated hostel 

Opening times: May 1st - October 31st 


Next hostels:

Korpudalur 131 km (ca. 2 hours)  - Broddanes 238 km (ca. 2 hours 50 min) - Sæberg 286 km (ca. 3 hours 30 min)


Distance from Reykjavík

384 km (ca. 4 hours 40 min)

 - Family rooms available
 - Common room(s)   
 - Non smoking room/area
 - Groups welcome
 - Internet access
 - Basic store available at or near the hostel
 - Sheets for hire
 - Credit card accepted
 - Garden
 - TV room
 - Currency exchange at or near hostel
 - Rates include local tax
 - Self-catering kitchen
 - Individual traveller welcome
 - BBQ
 - Luggage Store


Bed capacity


Beds per room: bedicon1 bedicon2 bedicon3 bedicon4 bedicon6 Total
Number of rooms: 1 6 1 3 2 40



Bus: There is a bus from the Airport-Bíldudalur-Airport before and after flight. From Ísafjörður there is a bus via Brjánslækur and Patreksfjörður on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please send us a line for more information. Guests can be picked up from Patreksfjörður for a reasonable price.
Parking: You can park your car in front of the hostel.
Sea port: Brjánslækur 50km. The ferry Baldur goes from Brjánslækur to Stykkishólmur every day with a stop in Flatey during summer.
Location: Our hostel is located by the harbor, a white house with a red roof and red windows. Hostelling International flag is outside in the garden. GPS: 65°41.15N 23°35.85W
Airport: Bíldudalur airport 7km. Flight once a day to Reykjavík.

Weather conditions are extremely good in Bíldudalur during the summertime with a lot of sun and calm. The town and the area around offer various leisure activities making this hostel ideal for guests wanting to get out and explore! For outdoor life there are many beautiful hiking routes for both the experienced hikers and those that prefer a light stroll to enjoy the beauty of the magnificent nature. If you are a golfer you can find a 9 hole golf course in town and at the hostel you can rent a golf set. For those who like bird watching you can find eiderduck farming at the entrance of town from May to June.


Dynjandi is one of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in Iceland and it's only about 45 minutes away from Bíldudalur hostel. The water falls in many cascades down from 100 m height, forming a huge triangular. There is a walking path along the waterfall but it takes at least an hour to climb up the hillside. You will not regret the hike.


Although Bíldudalur only has a population of about 180 it is surprisingly rich of museums. It's a great idea to visit the Icelandic Sea Monster museum (Skrímslasetrið), located in the old canning factory in town opposite to the church. The museum offers a collection of books, displays and unusual items related to the sea monster tradition. After visiting the museum you should relax over a good cup of coffee and a home baked cake in the museum‘s café. If monsters are not your thing you can always walk across the street and visit the Music museum. About 35 minutes away from Bíldudalur your find the Samúel Jónsson art museum located in Selárdalur. Samúel Jónsson was a local artist that began to make colourful art statues after retiring without ever having received any artistic training. He also built a beautiful church next to the sculptures. On your way to Látrabjarg you should make a stop at Hnjótur in Örlygshöfn where you find interesting Icelandic folk museum.

Bird watching

Látrabjarg, in Iceland, marks the most-western part of Europe. It hosts millions of birds; puffins, northern gannets, guillemots and razorbills. It is vital for their survival as it hosts up to 40% of the world population for some species e.g. the Razorbill. It is Europe's largest bird cliff, 14km long and up to 440m high. Then from May to June you can find eider duck farming at the entrance of Bíldudalur.


Hvesta in Arnarfjörður is a white sand beach you pass on your way to Selárdalur. It is very nice to make a stop there and let the children run out on the sand barefoot in good weathers. From the beach you will have a beautiful view over the opposite mountains.
Rauðisandur is a beautiful red-yellow sand beach about 10 km from the road to Látrabjarg. It offers a magnificent landscape with beautiful colours and nearby you find really nice café in summer. You need to walk for about 1 km over the beach to the ocean.

Nature bath

In Reykjafjörður, 20 km from Bíldudalur, you find a small natural hot spring with geothermal water of 40°C.  Nearby you’ll find a manmade swimming pool also with geothermal water. In summer you can enjoy the midnight sun and in winter you will see the magic of the northern lights. The pools are just out in the nature open all night long! But please take good care of their environment.

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