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GPS: 64° 2,605'N, 20° 14,913'W
Tel:  (+354) 486-6048 / 861-2645

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Hostel Details

Árnes hostel is the perfect basecamp to explore the wonders of Þjórsárdalur valley and a gateway to Landmannalaugar. 


Árnes is conveniently located close to all major tourist attractions in the South of Iceland, appr. 100 km from Reykjavík. The hostel is located in 2 houses and next door to the Hostel there is a swimming pool with a hot pot and a licenced restaurant, which provides lunch and dinner for individuals and groups. In the area around the Hostel there are good hiking trails.

Appr. 30 km. from Árnes is Þjórsárdalur, Valley of the river Þjórsá, through which three other rivers flow as well, a landscape of sharp contrasts such as flourishing birch woods, sandy lava fields, rivers and waterfalls. Gjáin is a stunning ravine with lush vegetation, numerous springs, bizarre rock formations and a pictureseque little waterfall, Gjárfoss. Other remarkable waterfalls in the valley are Hjálparfoss and Háifoss. A flourishing farming community lived in þjórsárdalur after the settlement until the valley was swamped by ash from an eruption from Mt. Hekla in 1104 A.D. One of the ruined farms, Stöng, has been excavated and served as the model for the nearby Saga-Age farm reconstruction (Þjóðveldisbærinn). Close is the location of Game of Thrones filming in 2013. The Secret Lagoon is only 17 km away.

Opening times

Opening times (daily/weekly):    Check-in: 14:00-22:00
Opening times (over the year):    January 3rd - October 1st

Next Hostels

Laugarvatn 46 km (ca. 35 min) - Eyrarbakki  55 km (ca 40 min) - Fljótsdalur  86 km (ca. 1 hour) - Gaulverjaskóli 54 km (ca. 40 min)


Distance from Reykjavík

100 km (ca. 1 hour 10 minutes)

 - Discounts and concessions available
 - Common room(s)    
 - Non smoking room/area
 - Family rooms available
 - Credit card accepted
 - Basic store available at or near the hostel
 - Hostel open 24h
 - Café/Bar
 - Garden
 - Sheets for hire
 - Meals available
 - Playground and football ground
 - Self-catering kitchen
 - Individual traveller welcome
 - Rates include local tax
 - Groups welcome
 - Luggage Store
 - Internet access
- Cycle store at Hostel   - BBQ    


Hostel bed capacity


Beds per room: bedicon2 bedicon3 bedicon4 bedicon6 Total beds: 
Number of rooms: 8 2 3 1 40


In front of the hostel
Árnes is located about 22 km from road no. 1. To visit Árnes you take road no. 30, east of Selfoss and then road no. 32, appr.14 km from road no. 1.

Swimming pool

Next to the hostel there's a pool with a hot pot where it's perfect to relax after a busy day of travelling.

For the kids

In Laugarás, some 14km away from Árnes hostel, we have the privately owned petting zoo Slakki.The zoo has been around for more than ten years. At the garden you can find something for all generations, domestic animals, wild animals and great facilities to sit down and enjoy the unique atmosphere.

Organic products

Also in Laugarás, you will find a vegetable market in the organic vegetable farm Engi. It's only open during weekends in July and August but if you happen to be around at that time it's certainly worth the visit.

History and Sagas

In Þjórsárdalur you will find a reconstructed farm called Thjodveldisbaer (Commonwealth Farm). The farm is perhaps the best representation of Icelandic medieval dwelling and is based upon a nearby archaeological site: Stöng in Þjórsárdalur. What is actually left of the original farm at Stöng are some stone foundations, now covered by a large protective wooden shelter. The finding of Stöng provided fresh data about the design and construction of Viking long-houses and their evolution up to the 12th century and other valuable information about the period known as the Commonwealth. Stöng is believed to have been abandoned around an eruption in Hekla in 1104.

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