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Stórholt 1
GPS:  65° 41,468'N, 18° 6,433'W
Tel:  (+354) 462-3657 / 894-4299

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Hostel Details

Akureyri hostel, run by the same family for 50 years, is located in a quiet neighborhood in a walking distance from Akureyri center. 


The Hostel in Akureyri is situated in the centre of the city, by the main road "Hörgárbraut". Akureyri, the capital of the north with 17,000 inhabitants, offers many interesting and enjoyable sights and activities for the visitors. Near the Hostel you find all the service a city has to offer. Assistance is provided for handicapped people.

In Akureyri you can buy a lot of guided day tours and longer tours, for example to Mývatn, Dettifoss, Eyjafjörður, Skagafjörður, Hrísey, Grímsey and Ólafsfjörður. There are daily tours to Greenland from Akureyri during the summer. Akureyri also has one of the best skiing areas in the country only 7 km away from the town's center. 


In the hostel there are 2 guest kitchen with a dining rooms. Available rooms with showers and bathrooms. Akureyri Hostel also offers two new summerhouses which can accommodate 8 persons each also there is a cabin that takes 3 persons, this cabin has a bathroom and sink.

Opening times: January 4th - December 12th 

The reception is open from 8:00 to 21:30 from June to August - Check-in is from 15:00.

The reception is open from 15:00 to 20:00 from 1.  September to 31. May.

Next Hostels:

Dalvík 44 km (ca. 35 min) - Berg 68 km (ca. 1 hour) - Siglufjörður 77 km (ca. 1 hour) - Ósar 205 km (ca. 2 hours 30 min) - Kópasker 188 km (ca. 2 hours 10 min).

Distance from Reykjavík:

 388 km (ca. 4 hours 30 minutes)

 - Discounts and concessions available
 - Groups welcome    
 - Non smoking room/area
 - Family rooms available
 - Common room(s)
 - Basic store available at or near the hostel
 - Suitable for wheelchair users
 - Internet access
 - Garden
 - Sheets for hire
 - Credit card accepted
 - Rates include local tax
 - TV room
 - Individual traveller welcome
 - Cycle store at Hostel
 - Self-catering kitchen
 - Luggage Store
-  Lockers available    - BBQ    


Bed Capacity

Beds per room:
bedicon1 bedicon2 bedicon3 bedicon4 bedicon5 bedicon6 Total
Number of rooms:
2 7 4 2 1 1 49


Summer houses and cottages: 19


During the summer there are two buses daily from Reykjavík to Akureyri and a bus drives every day from Egilsstaðir to Akureyri. The city buses in Akureyri are free

At or near hostel
Sea port:

Akureyri harbour

When driving along road no. 1 you drive through Akureyri.

The flight connections are also very good. There are at least five daily flights between Reykjavík and Akureyri.

Bird Watching

Many good places for bird watching are within Akureyri and its surroundings. Four bird watching houses are available for birdwatchers in the area, three within the town itself and one in the island Hrísey which also belongs to Akureyri.

Wooded area

An attractive wooded area with possibilities for a variety of recreational activities. The area is owned by Akureyri Municipal Council but is under the guardianship of the Eyjafjörður Forestry Commission.


Paragliding in the Northern and Easter region of Iceland became real with the setup of scheduled flights from Copenhagen to Akureyri, the capital town in Northern Iceland.The benefit of the location of the airport and the actual operational places for Paragliding include the short driving distance from town but the general area offers variety in take-off locations for your flights.


There is a great vaerity of museums in Akureyri and in the surroundin areas. To name a few, you can try: Jón Sveinsson Memorial Museum, Akureyri Art Museum and the Aviation Museum.


Gásir, situated 11 km north of Akureyri on the shore of Eyjafjörður, is a unique place. In no other place in Iceland is it possible to find so many remainings from a trading post from the Middle Ages. Gásir was the main trading post in northern Iceland during the Middle Ages, and the place is mentioned many times in Old Icelandic Sagas from the 13th and 14th centuries. Archaeological digging in the area during the last six years has shown that it was a trading post up to the 16th century, possibly until trading started in Akureyri.

The Arctic Circle

Grimsey island - far away in the north: the home of one hundred people - and one million seabirds. Courageous fishermen live there with their families. The island stands alone far out on the horizon, a blue cliff, surrounded by the wide Arctic Ocean, about 40 km off the north coast of Iceland; it is about 5 square kilometres in area.The island crosses the arctic circle so it's the only place in Iceland where you can pass it.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is equally popular with the local population and visitors to Akureyri. A wide variety of both Icelandic and foreign flora is to be found there and new species are always being added to the collection. The garden, therefore, is an excellent choice for those wishing to take a break from the stress of daily life, playing as they do, the role both of a peaceful public park and also a beautiful plant collection.

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