Bringing a Group to Iceland!

HI Hostels offer great facilities for groups in Reykjavik and all around Iceland . We can specially tailor accommodation that is perfect for you and for group bookings of any size.  We pride ourselves on working closely with you to make sure you have everything you need.



Best Hostels in Reykjavik and Iceland

Are you part of a University or college group, sports group, looking for corporate retreats, a weekend city break, or just a large bunch of friends travelling together? According to Global Peace Index, Iceland is one of the most peaceful countries in the world, and Reykjavik is a safe city which has everything visitors might wish for: beautiful nature, interesting museums and exhibitions, great viewpoints, awesome nightlife, first class restaurants, shopping in shopping centres and in small boutiques in downtown Reykjavik. Perfect place for group holidays and weekend getaways.  HI Iceland can assist your group accommodation needs in Reykjavik and all around Iceland.



Quality accommodation and service

Quality is very important to us. At the hostels there are different facilities and services for groups. We have experienced staff working in group travel bookings and we understand what is needed to ensure your stay is a comfortable, affordable, and a positive experience.  Staff can help arrange packed lunches and evening meals at discounted prices, as well as assistance with arranging group activities and excursions.

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Activities for groups

There is a great selection of guided tours and other exciting activities available for groups all around Iceland. Our team will happily book any tour for you and also keep you posted on seasonal promotions and specials to ensure you always get the best value. 

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General information

In order to make your stay at the HI Hostels as pleasant as possible, we kindly ask you to familiarise yourself with information about opening hours, house rules and safety, guest kitchen, travel booking service, group leader responsibiities, etc.

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Request information for groups

If you are interested in bringing a group to Iceland, please send detailed information about the groups, the size, type of group, age range and any other needs, and we will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm availability.

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How to Book for Groups in Reykjavik

Booking Office - Reykjavík Hostels

Borgartún 6, IS-105 Reykjavík
Office Tel: (+354) 552 8384


Group Enquiry via HI:

Reykjavík Downtown Hostel

Reykjavík City Hostel

Reykjavík Loft Hostel


How to book for Groups in Iceland

HI Iceland can arrange booking for groups at the hostels all around Iceland.


HI Iceland’s Central Booking Office

Borgartún 6

105 Reykjavík




Tel: (+354) 575 6700





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