Quality Service and Safety for Groups

Quality is very important to us. At the hostels there are different facilities and services for groups. We have experienced staff working in group travel bookings and we understand what is needed to ensure your stay is a comfortable, affordable, and a positive experience. The staff is friendly and helpful.



Service we can arrange for Groups

Arrange lunches and evening meals

Our sales department can arrange packed lunches, on-site meal services, and book meals through nearby restaurants when making the reservation for accommodation. 



Self-service kitchen at the hostels

There are fully equipped self-service kitchen at the hostels if the group wants to cook. The kitchen is equipped with pots and pans, cutlery, plates, fridge, microwave oven and utensils needed for cooking a normal meal. 



Arrange group activities and excursions

There is a great selection of guided tours and other exciting activities available for groups in Reykjavík and all around Iceland. Our team will happily book any tour for you and also keep you posted on seasonal promotions and specials to ensure you always get the best value. More information

Green Agenda for Groups

The Green Agenda offers groups at the Reykjavík HI hostels a varied selection of interesting presentations and workshops, a great opportunity to acquire new knowledge on sustainability. More information


Educational lectures for Groups

Selection of interesting presentations and workshops at the Reykjavík HI hostels. Topics like: Iceland in a Nutshell, Icelandic nature, geology and human geography, the language, cultural heritage, modern Icelandic life. More information



Safety, Quality and Assured Standards

HI Iceland Hostels take quality standards very seriously and are obliged to meet the internationally agreed HI quality standards for comfort in a hostel. The well-established Assured Standards of Hostelling International mean you can rely on a consistent level of services and facilities; there are regular inspection programmes in place at the hostels to make sure the requirements of the Assured Standards Scheme are being met.


         Reykjavík Hostels are Swan cerificated hostels Green hostels Reykjavík Hostels are Green HostelsHIQ logo but Reykjavík Downtown Hostel is a HIQ certificated hostel    

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How to Book for Groups

Booking Office - Reykjavík Hostels

Borgartún 6, IS-105 Reykjavík
E-mail:  reykjavik@hostel.is 
Office Tel: (+354) 552 8384


General Information

Booking Procedure


Group Enquiry via HI:

Reykjavík Downtown Hostel

Reykjavík City Hostel

Reykjavík Loft Hostel


Hostels in Reykjavík

HI Iceland runs and owns three hostels in Reykjavík that all are Eco certified.

Reykjavík Downtown Hostel

Vesturgata 17    | 
Tel: (+354) 553 8120
101 Reykjavík   | 



Reykjavík City Hostel

Sundlaugavegur 34

Tel: (+354) 553 8110
105 Reykjavík   | 



Reykjavík Loft Hostel

Bankastræti 7   | 
Tel: (+354) 553 8140 
101 Reykjavík    | 



         Reykjavík Hostels are Swan cerificated hostels Green hostels Reykjavík Hostels are Green HostelsHIQ logo but Reykjavík Downtown Hostel is a HIQ certificated hostel    

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