Open vouchers


If you want to keep you itinerary flexible you can purchase open vouchers which do not have any fixed dates or hostels and can therefore be used at any hostel and any date. 

The open vouchers are only sold in off season when there is more availability at our hostels, the open vouchers can be requested for those travelling between October 1st and May 1st. 


Open vouchers are only sold as part of a car rental packages, not separately. 


Open vouchers are:

  • Issued for beds in shared dorm rooms with access to shared bathroom.
  • You can request a private room upon arrival if available and pay the price difference directly to the hostel. Please note that many HI Hostels in Iceland are franchised and privately owned so the prices may vary between hostels. 
  • Valid for a year.
  • Non-refundable but can be used at most guesthouses and hotels around the country towards the total price if you cannot find availability at an HI Hostel nearby. 
  • Open vouchers do NOT secure accommodation, there must be availability at the hostels in order to use them. We recommend that our customers contact our hostels before arrival (on the same day or day before) to make sure there is availability. Some hostels are not open in the off season so please check our website/brochure for information on opening periods of the hostels.  

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Price Quote

You do not need to fill in the booking form to get a price quote. Send us an e-mail to and we will send you a quote within a few days.


Information needed:

- Preferred car type
- Number of persons
- Number of days with car
- Number of nights at hostels

- Preferred room type
- If you are travelling with children under 13 years of age

- Approximate start date of journey

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