Cancellation policy and changing fees


Cancellation and changing policy: 

 - by cancellation until 4 weeks (28 days) before arrival we will give a refund of 100% withholding a 6.000 ISK cancellation fee.           
 - by cancellation 14-28 days before arrival we will refund 70%           
 - by cancellation 7-14 days before arrival we will refund 30%           
 - by cancellation with less than 7 days no refund will be given           
Please note that the cancellation policy applies as soon as payment has been finalized.           

Changing fee:   

We reserve the right to charge a 6.000 ISK for changes made to a booking already confirmed by HI Iceland.



Please note that this cancellation policy only applies to bookings that are booked and confirmed through our Central Booking service ( Bookings made online through our booking engine are subject to a different cancellation policy that is clearly stated in the booking process.



All cancellations should be in writing and be notified as soon as possible.

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