Hostelling International Membership

By becoming a member of Hostelling International you will enjoy the best prices in all HI hostels around the world. The Icelandic HI hostels offer a discount of 700 ISK per person per night to all HI members.

Becoming a member

The best way to become a member is by contacting the youth hostel association in your home country and apply for membership. Depending on the country, there are different types of membership.


Please contact the HI network in your home country for further information.

Hostelling International offers a number of special deals for members.


Becoming a member in Iceland

You can buy an International HI card in all the Icelandic HI hostels. The International HI card is only valid for individuals so for families and groups we recommend you become a member with your national association. The price for the International HI card for the year 2016 is 3.000 ISK.

HI Iceland's booking service and membership prices

Please note that if you book through our booking office our booking agents need to know your membership numbers before the final payment is processed, 4 weeks prior to arrival.

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