Hostels - More Than Just Accommodation


Although the main focus of the hostels is to provide a comfortable accommodation at an affordable price, a hostel is more than just a place to sleep. Each hostels is unique with its own history and charm, which helps making your stay at our hostels a truly enjoyable experience.


  • HI Hostels are located all around Iceland. For detailed information on each hostel see our map.

  • Budget accommodation with optional self-service when travelling at minimum cost.

  • Each hostel is unique.

  • New hostels with modern facilities and old charming renovated hostels but all with a friendly and helpful service from the staff.

  • Ideal places for individuals, families and groups.

  • The hostels are open to people of all ages.


  • Mostly 2-6 bedded rooms.

  • All hostels, except Fljótsdalur hostel and Eyrarbakki Hostel, offer 2-bedded rooms. Private apartments are available at Eyrarbakki Hostel. 

  • Duvets and pillows are always complimentary, just bring your own bed linen or rent it at the hostel. If you make your booking through our Central Booking Office, bed linen is always included in your booking. 

  • You may use a sleeping bag if you prefer.

  • Bring your own towels and soap. Towels can be rented at all hostels. Towels are included in all 2 bed rooms at the Reykjavík Hostels. 
  • These hostels offer rooms with private bathrooms: Reykjavík City, Reykjavík Downtown, Loft Hostel, Laugarvatn, Grundarfjörður, Borgarnes, Akranes, Reyðarfjörður and Seyðisfjörður. Other hostels offer only rooms with shared facilities.

Guest kitchens

  • All HI Hostels have a well equipped guest kitchen where you can store and prepare food at no extra cost.

  • Many hostels serve breakfast. Please contact us if you require a list of hostels that serve breakfast. 


  • All hostels offer a variety of exciting activities at the hostels or in the neighborhood.

  • Rafting, angling, swimming, hiking, riding, and glacier tours are among activities on offer.

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