Slyppugil Campsite in Thorsmork

Thorsmork Nature Reserve is one of Icelands most scenic spots and in Slyppugil you find a small, quiet campsite sutible for true nature lovers with endless possibilities og hiking. Slyppugil is just south of Husadal and only 3 minutes away from Langidaur by foot. Slyppugil is a starting and ending point for many hiking routs and in the area you´ll find some of Iceland´s most famous hiking routs such as Laugarvegurinn and Fimmvörðuháls. The warden will give further information.


There are toilet facilities at the campsite and showers as well. The camp site offers a playground and barbecue facilities


Accommodation fee for summer 2016 is isk 1.200 per person. If overnight is bought together with bus ticket or bus passport there is 30% discount. Only available at Reykjavík Campsite.


Opening hours

The Campsite is open from June 14th - August 15th.  At arrival, please contact the reception to register and pay accommodation fee.


For more information

Tel. +354  575 6700








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