About HI Iceland

HI Iceland is a non-profit membership organisation established in 1939. The organisation is a member of Hostelling International, a worldwide network of 4000+ hostels in 80 countries with approximately 35 million overnights a year worldwide. Our Hostels fulfil the international standard for HI Hostels.

Since its inception the organisation's main goal has been to promote and encourage people of all ages to travel and to increase their knowledge and appreciation of nature and culture. To this end, HI Iceland operates the following programmes:

  • 33 hostels around the country with over 1100 beds. Loft Hostel in Reykjavík, Reykjavík City HostelReykjavík Downtown Hostel and Borgarnes Hostel are owned and run by HI Iceland; other hostels are privately owned, but in close cooperation with HI Iceland through standard co-operation agreements with 180.000 yearly overnights.

  • Information centre for domestic and foreign hostels.

  • Management of a travel agency that takes care of bookings for Icelandic hostels, renting cars and offering a variety of tours around Reykjavík and to different parts of the country.

  • Operation of the Reykjavík Campsite. The Campsite is open all year around with approximately 35.000 overnights.

The organisation has worked diligently since its foundation on promoting environmental issues which have since the year 2003 been a mainstay of the organisation's quality standards.



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HI Iceland is an authorized travel agency by the Icelandic Tourist Board






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