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Our Car Rental Packages consist of a car and accommodation in hostels.




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Please consider donating to help protect Iceland´s unique nature that is under threat.

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HI Sustainability Fund Competition 2015

We are applying for the HI Sustainability Fund with a project called Restore Our Land and we need your vote!  





Explore the world’s first and biggest man-made ice cave at Langjökull glacier! More



Adventure tours in Iceland

Check out other adventure tours in Iceland, like snorkeling, river rafting, caving and more.


Icelandic Hostel the best HI Hostel in the World

Reykjavik Downtown Hostel has been awarded as the best HI Hostel in the world in 2015 by Hostelling International.

Reykjavik City Hostel receives its well-deserved makeover

For a whole year, this sustainable, family-friendly hostel has been undergoing major refurbishment.  The modern, appealing look and feel should be completed by the end of this year and will be celebrated in festive style this December.  

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